Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not All People Foods are Bad for Your Pets

We’re often reminded that giving our pets table scraps is bad for them, because it contributes to both obesity and unwanted behaviors.   And there are some people foods that are actually toxic for our pets.  But not all people foods are bad for them.  In fact, many veterinarians agree that the very best foods for your pets are those foods you prepare for them yourself, in your own kitchen. 

In her book “Dinner Pawsible”,  Dr. Cathy Alinovi explains that one of the reasons your dog begs at the table is because he craves real food! (Can you blame him?) And she provides tips and recipes made from healthy people foods that your pets will love.  These healthy, balanced meals, that you can prepare yourself, are free of the chemicals, preservatives and “by-products” that most packaged pet foods contain.

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