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Hazards in Your Purse: Keeping Your Dog Safe

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When you think of things that bring harm to your pet, your purse may not register on your radar. After all, it’s just a purse. However, the contents of your purse can be dangerous to your curious pooch if you don’t take the proper precautions. The nicotine found in cigarettes is toxic, and hand sanitizers have alcohol in them – your dog could suffer from alcohol poisoning by licking a bottle or chewing a wipe. Even seemingly harmless sugarless gum carries chemicals dangerous to nonhumans. What can you do to keep your needed supplies and have a safe and healthy dog at the same time?

Keep Your Purse off the Floor

The first thing you can do is remove temptation. This means keeping your purse in areas your dog can’t reach like high shelves or behind a closed door. If you must keep your purse out in the open, invest in a purse with a zipper at the top. Don’t forget to use the zipper – never leave it open.

Supervise Your Dog

Pay attention to what your dog does and act appropriately. If you think your dog has their eye on the goodies nestled in your purse, distract the dog with their favorite toy or take them elsewhere.

Purses may not be a source of entertainment to you, but your dog may feel otherwise. Don’t let your pet access your purse and taste the items within as they may get very sick. If you don’t know what to do next, talk to your dog trainer or dog walker. They will have experience in the world of dogs, and if nothing else, they may know where you can go for help. Your vet is also an indispensable source of information, so make sure you have access to their phone number.

Be wise… Bewaggle!

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