Friday, June 13, 2014

Socializing with Your Dog When You’re In a Bad Mood

We all have our episodes. Maybe you missed the bus that takes you to work, or perhaps somebody spilled a drink on your new sweater – you know, the one you saved for months to afford? No matter what we come across during the day, in the end we have to go home. Home is where your family is, and that includes your dog. How can you avoid taking out your frustrations on your beloved pet? It isn't as difficult as you might think, and it doesn't involve spending money.

Don’t Overindulge Your Dog, No Matter How Tempting
Photo Copyright by Samuel Cockman, used here
under the Creative Commons License. 
Some people shower their pets with gifts when they get home. They may do this to repel feelings of unhappiness and guilt – don’t make this mistake. If you stop at the store and purchase an armful of stuffed toys, the household budget could crack under the strain. By the same token, try to stop yourself from giving your dog too many treats. Don’t sacrifice your dog’s health in your quest to feel better for a few minutes. 

Keep Your Distance
If you have the urge to yell, walk away until you calm down. Screaming at your dog benefits nobody, especially if the dog isn't misbehaving. You might confuse your dog and make a bad situation worse.
Everybody has a lousy day every now and then, but you don’t have to vent your grievances on your pet. Take the time to think the situation through, and don’t do something that may come back to bite you in the future. Our furry friends can teach us a lesson in living life in the moment, so grab that squeaky toy and get playing!

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